Poipoi Design is a Copenhagen-based brand by Norwegian fashiondesigner Karianne Ravna Poipoi.

The clothing is almost exclusively kept in black, and can be described as a meeting between Nordic minimalism, dystopia and subculture. The inspiration is found in nature and the beauty of decay, not to mention the contrasts between the simple and the complex, organic and geometrical shapes, femininity and masculinity, perfection and imperfection.
All garments are made locally in the designers studio in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, and material waste is avoided during production by using different “zero waste”-principles. All fabric leftovers, from bigger pieces to small scraps are utilized in the making of new designs, where experimentation and randomness is allowed to rule and every product becomes unique.
Designs from the collections as well as one-of-a-kind items can be found at ALTpoipoi in Hyskenstræde 14, Copenhagen.

Karianne Ravna Poipoi